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F O R  A N Y  O C C A S I O N

About Us

Stix Cannabis Co. is a luxury cannabis pre-roll joint company that brings elegance and sophistication to cannabis smoking.

Founded in Michigan, we focus on combining the finest local premium strains of whole nug cannabis flower with our stylish, custom glass-tip pre-roll to provide a smoother and more pleasant smoking experience like you’ve never had before. 

Whether you’re a casual or daily consumer, Stix Cannabis Co. is perfect for any occasion. 

Enjoy the #Stixperience!

OUR Luxury Pre-rolls


Enjoy our Stix Premium Sativa Glass-Tip Pre-roll in the morning or in the afternoon for a more stimulating and uplifting effect.

This strain also aids in improving focus and combating negative emotions. Sativa flower pairs well with social gatherings, physical activity, and creative projects.


Experience our Stix Premium Hybrid Glass-Tip Pre-roll blend that brings you the best of both worlds. This type of flower combines the genetic lineage characteristics & effects of both Sativa & Indica cannabis flower. 

There’s no wrong time to enjoy this strain in our stylish, luxury pre-roll.


Relax with our Stix Premium Indica Glass-Tip Pre-roll in the evening as you wind down from a long day.

This strain also helps with reducing pain & relieving muscle tension. Combine it with a movie & some healthy snacks before you lay down for a peaceful night’s sleep.

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"Hands down the BEST pre-roll I've ever experienced!"
Clarine Maroshka
"Stix has become the only pre-roll I ever want!"
Michael Dean

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